Salim Osman urges traders to tie up extortionists with poles

MP of Narayanganj-5 constituency AKM Salim Osman asked traders  on Wednesday to tie up extortionists with poles, saying there is no need of police and Rab to check the menace of extortion.

“There’s no need of police, Rab to check extortion. You catch the extortionists and tie them up with poles. They’ll celebrate their Eid with the poles,” he said.

Salim Osman, also president of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), was addressing a views-exchange meeting with leaders of different trade and professional bodies to maintain security during Ramadan.

Observing that the criminals cannot have a leader and a party, Salim Osman said, “If any leader or party claims any criminal as his activist once police arrest him, we must assume that the party or the leader is also a criminal. They patronise criminals.”

He also urged the worker leaders not to provoke the workers to wage any movement in the name of salary and allowance during Ramadan for gaining undue share.

The BKMEA president also warned the owners against shutting any garment factory during the fasting month, saying, “You’ve to pay the salaries of workers after selling ornaments of your wives if you close any factory.”

He also asked the owners to pay all the back pays of the workers by Ramadan.

BKMEA vice-president GM Faruk, worker leader Kawser Ahmed Palash, Narayanganj chapter president of Bangladesh Medical Association Dr Shahnewaz Chowdhury, additional police super and officers-in-charge of seven police stations were, among others, present at the meeting held with police super Dr Khandker Mohiduddin in the chair.

Source: BD Chronicle