Rights Activists Warn Political Arrestee May Be Extra-judicially Killed

extrajudicial killing

Human rights activists have warned that there are well founded fears that a local leader of an opposition group in the Rajshahi district, Dr Anowarul Islam maybe become a victim of extra-judicial killing through staged crossfire by police. Dr Anowarul Islam is a former leader of Shibir, a national student which is part of the main opposition alliance.

There are serious concerns that the staged killing may occur within the immediate future, as there are reports that secret policeman who are trained to carry out such illegal killings, have been sent to the area in preparation for the extra-judicial execution. Rights activists warn that the execution may occur within 24 hours.

Dr Anowarul Islam had been arrested on 28 July 2015, and after extreme torture was hospitalised. The current president of Rajshahi district Shibir, Marul Islam and the Social Welfare Secretary, Sayed Amin Mulhim have also been arrested alongside Dr Anowarul Islam, but police have not yet acknowledged the arrest, although arrested persons should be presented in court within 24 hours. There are fears that they may also potentially be victims of extra-judicial killing.