Reports of Government Sponsored Mass Killings and Vandalism in Satkhira

BD govt vandalism in shatkhira dec 2013

[Warning: Disturbing images below]

A joint operation by the Police, elite force RAB and border guards is ongoing in the Western Bangladeshi district of Satkhira. Tens of opposition workers have become victim of targeted killing. Many a women are reported assaulted, and thousand have fled in fear from their homes. The forces have further cut off access to all media, making it hard for reporters to report the ongoing atrocities.

On Monday, 16th December, the joint forces had bulldozed and demolished the homes of opposition leader and ex Member of Parliament, Abdul Khaleq, in the western district of Shatkira in Bangladesh. The operation lasted for four hours until 2130 local time on Monday, 16th December 2013. Family members of Abdul Khaleq reported that the police came looking for him, and that they vandalized his home upon failing to find him. They further accused the police of looting the house of gold jewellery and cash money.

Earlier on the same day, the joint forces raided the houses of two other opposition leaders. Failing to find them, the forces looted the valuables and set the house to fire. Reports have also emerged of women and even the elderly and children being assaulted and abused in other parts of the district.

The police superintendent (SP) of Satkhira turned down request to comment on the demolition of opposition homes. However he confirmed that a joint operation against opposition activists is ongoing in Satkhira, as part of the wider nation-wide crackdown on opposition workers in opposition-stronghold districts, such as Chittagong, Feni, Sylhet, Bogra and others.

Images of demolished homes and deceased victims:

BD govt vandalism in shatkhira dec 2013 1

bd govt murder in satkhira dec 2013

Cover Image: The destroyed home of Anarul, the ex-chairman of Agordari Union of Satikhira District


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