Reading Shah Ali Farhad in London


With the brutality of the illegitimate Awami League Government of Bangladesh slothfully crawling onto a more international radar, a young(ish) lawyer from the hyper nationalist ICSF group puts forth a rather long winded legalistic article to pooh-pooh an idea that the government of Bangladesh has committed crimes against humanity.

ICSF stands for International Crimes Strategy Forum. Shit acronyms and campaign names are pretty standards in Bangladesh, they are the bumprint of top down foolishness which suppresses creativity, in power and in opposition.

It is interesting to unread this first defence of the regime by Shah Ali Farhad for a number of reasons.

  1. The massacre of 5th and 6th May is grave violation of the right for life. The events and their cover up pretty much define our times. Deshis who struggle to know and feel it are what the future is made of. Evidence is building up.
  2. The deadly police crackdown on protests at the unjust death sentence given to Delwar Husain Sayedee on February the 28th was unacceptable. 
  3. The January 5th 2013 election was stolen. The government is illegitimate.
  4. The brutality of the pre election government crackdown in Satkhira and other areas is shocking
  5. The politics of the ICSF – Nirmul – Swadinota Trust – Shahbag – Awami League complex should be made explicit, there is no moral need for the first 4 to defend the government, yet this document joins them at the hip
  6. The media, national and international is heavily biased towards the Awami League narrative, for social, sexual, financial and political reasons.
  7. SAF would make an interesting subject of a study called “The Banality of Shahbag”
  8. Its worth submitting any evidence you might have of government brutality to the ICC Prosecuter, who will be interested to hear from you.



Source: Fug’s blog