Rajshahi: two killed, two Shibir students arrested with one shot in custody

Shobuj's family Rajshahi

Rajshahi opposition Shibir activist, Shobuj, who was arrested two days ago, was taken in critical state to hospital by the police. Shobuj suffered from bullets wounds inflicted in police custody in the name of “crossfire”.

Shobuj was arrested along with another Shibir activist named Ripon. Yet the police have failed to present Ripon at court and deny the arrests. Law requires that arrestees be presented at court within 24 hours of arrest. At police denial of the arrests, Shobuj and Ripon’s family have called a press conference demanding the students’ release and expressing fears that Ripon too may face Shobuj’s fate. Shobuj and Ripon were permitted to meet their family over breakfast by the authorities, however their arrest is still denied.

Elsewhere in Rajshahi, another unidentified body was recovered and another student named Shovon was shot by the pollice.

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