Quader Mollah’s son, Hasan Jamil, seeks to visit his father for the last time

Speaking to the press, Hasan mentioned that his father wished for his burial to be in the family’s Faridpur village. The police however have informed them that his body will not be handed over to family. Rather the police will directly take him to Faridpur. Hasan laments that because of this the family will not be able to hold funeral prayers in Dhaka. He reiterated, “I said it before and will say it again, my father is being murdered in this manner due only to his involvement in opposition (anti-awami) politics and Islamic politics.”

Hasan added that during his visit to his father on Tuesday night, Abdul Quader Mollah mentioned “By hanging me, they are seeking to divert the people’s attention. Those who are doing this will be ruined.”

Source: Daily Natunbarta