Prof Saiyed Ali Ahsan: “we have a lot to learn from his (Prof Azam’s) life”


TRANSLATION: Prof Gulam Azam is a famous personality in our country. He was involved in national politics for a long time. He possesses in him a special degree of wisdom and maturity that is so essential to become a statesman. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of such highly educated people in the political arena of our country. There was a time when most of our national politicians were highly educated and dignified- Prof Gulam Azam is one of such class/category.

He entered into politics during his university student life and campaigned for the rights of Bangladeshi people with outmost sincerity and honesty. There is not that many people comparable to him in this regard.

I have no relation with his politics. But I am closely intimate to this personality beyond politics.

He faced many problems/struggles in his life and was imprisoned many times. But he has arrived at the brightness of light in this twilight of his life by overcoming all obstacles. We have a lot to learn from his life.

He is an eloquent orator who speaks with reason and logic. He has all the leadership qualities. Once I suggested to him to write his autobiography, I am very pleased that, accepting my suggestion, he has started to write his autobiography.

[Summarised from the preface written by Prof Ali Ahsan for Prof Gulam Azam’s autobiography]


Source: BDtoday blog