Pro-govt leader threatens to blow up Khaleda’s office


Prominent JSD leader and member of parliament Shirin Akter has threatened to blow up the BNP chairperson’s office in Gulshan with explosives. She made this threat while addressing an afternoon rally from a truck on Monday, 16th February, at Gulshan Rajuk Park.

Earlier, along with the Coordination Committee For Laborers Workers Professionals and Freedom Fighters, a recently formed ruling party affiliated outfit, she participated in a siege program held in front of the office of Khaleda Zia, who has been under confinement in the premises since early in January of the new year. In the same program, current cabinet minister Shahjahan Khan was also heard to give Khaleda Zia an ultimatum to withdraw the strike within 24 hours. However, when Shirin Akter came into the stage, she said, “ We will allow Khaleda 48 hours. If she does not withdraw the strike by then, she will no longer have an office in Gulshan, it will be blown up”.

Source: BDToday and Amardesh