Pro-govt Juba League leader charged over deaths in Rampura tin shack collapse


Juba League leader Moniruzzaman Chowdhury Monir allegedly built and rented the two-storey hut on a lake.

Rampura police filed the case on Thursday afternoon and said they were trying to arrest Monir. Sub-Inspector Abdur Rashid told he was certain that Monir was involved with Juba League but could not divulge details.

Survivors of Wednesday’s accident told police that Monir leased 22 rooms of the tin shack and used to collect rent. But police say they are not sure whether the land on which the house once stood was public or private property. The tin-hut stood on bamboo poles at the side of a hyacinth-filled lake at Hajiparha’s Jheelpar. Police say the lower storey was sucked in by the mud at the bottom of the lake.

Eight bodies were recovered from the site while four more died at the hospital.

The district administration is said to have given Tk 20,000 to the family of each victim to meet burial costs.

Source: BDnews