Prison capacity 29000 But 72000 inmates due to political prisoners

central jail

Dhaka: Around 200 to 300 detainees are being sent every day to prisons in Bangladesh. Although the capacity of these prisons is 29,000, there are currently 72,000 detainees, which is nearly three times as much as the actual capacity.

Central jail sources revealed this information.

Due to the increasing number of politically motivated cases, the number of political prisoners is also rising alarmingly. The Government has recently acquired another 10 prisons.

Inspector General of Prison, Ashraful Islam Khan said to, “We are facing pressures due to an increasing number of detainees, but that is not too much. The Government has recently acquired 10 more prisons to tackle the situation”. (This statement was given a few days ago).

The source revealed that the central jail of Dhaka has a capacity of 2,600 detainees. 8,200 people have been detained there until a week ago. Among the eight buildings of the central jail, there is one called ‘Champa’ which has a capacity of 12 higher status political prisoners. Currently, there are eight such detainees. The high security prison of Kashimpur has a capacity of 1,000 detainees, but there are currently 1,800 prisoners. In this prison, politically accused prisoners outnumber the general prisoners. The situation is the same in 11 other central jails around the country.

The source also informed that the caretaker government in 2008 imprisoned a record 84,000 prisoners which was the highest in the history of Bangladesh.

Another prison source revealed that most of the detainees in 68 jails around the country are members of opposition parties, BNP and Jamaat.

An undisclosed prison official said that the politically accused detainees are being denied bail and sent to prison by the courts. As a result, there are more political prisoners than general inmates in the prisons.
General prisoners are being deprived of their usual prison services as a result of the pressure from the increasing number of political prisoners.


Source: Daily Natun Barta