Press Release from Jamate Islam Hind (India) on Sayedee Verdict


Bangladesh government’s International Crime Tribunal (ICT) – 1 announced a verdict of death sentence to world renowned scholar Allam Delowar Hosain Sayeede. Jamaat Islami Hind’s West Bangal’s director, Muhammad Nuruddin, expressed deep concerns over this matter. He informed, this verdict clearly transgresses human rights and democracy. Bangladesh Government wants to silence Sayeede’s voice to prevent Islamic revival. By hanging scholars who are at the forefront of Islamic movement, the government is aiming to create vacuum in leadership. Bangladesh’s Islamic movement and opposition is a victim of great conspiracy. Death sentence of Maulana Sayeede is part of that plan. The judicial process in which the verdict was established was hopeless and fabricated. And this is clearly a human right abuse. This statement will cause a division in the harmony of a Muslim nation. The way the Awami League government is causing division in Bangladesh, it will certainly cause a serious blow to the country.

We demand freedom of all leaders including Jamat’s Maulana Sayedee, Mulana Abdul Qader, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and BNP’s Salaudding Chowdhury. Jamaat (India) demands Bangladesh government to refrain from human right abuse. We request all human right organisations including Indian Government to voice their concern against the human right abuse in Bangladesh and to put pressure on the government.

Source: Progress Bangladesh Facebook Page