Pregnant Wife and Elderly Father of Tofayel Mourns His Death at Hands of Police

Police in action: Determined to hinder the ongoing protest by any means

“My husband did not support any organisation, then what was his crime? Why did the police shoot him? What will I answer to my unborn child?”, lamenting Tofayel’s pregnant wife. She told her husband “there is shooting going on”. His elderly father did not return from Friday prayer. So Tufayel hurriedly left the house to bring his elderly father home safely. But Tufayel never returned. He was shot by the police.
His wife is five months pregnant. She was a prolific student. She achieved “A+” in her SSC and HSC exams. She couldn’t continue to study due to lack of funds. But she didn’t give up. She tutored students to admit herself to college. In mid-2012, she married Tufayel. All her dreams were shattered by the police’s indiscriminate brutal firing. The five months pregnant lady is just living for the sake of living now. She is so frightened that she has lost all courage to seek justice for her husband. “What if I gets shot too if I ask for justice?”, she says.
Tufayel’s elderly father Kolim Ullah cannot overcome the grief of losing his son. On 15th February, he was coming home from Friday prayer. Suddenly, he heard shooting, so he went back to the mosque to be safe. But the police were shooting inside the mosque too. Somehow, he crossed the road to go home. There, he found Tufayel. Tufayel was holding his hands and taking him home. When they passed Siddique gate, he heard a loud scream. Cadres shouted, “Fire”. Immediately the police fired. Tufayel fell down right away. The street was flooding with his blood. Police were kicking his frozen body. He claims he has never seen police like that in his life. They are not human. Moreover, the police won’t hand over his dead body even after 24 hours. They were kept waiting outside the City Hospital for ours. The next day, 12 noon has passed. Then a police came out shouting at him “Are you going to do a rally with the dead body”? I said, “no. I would like to pray funeral prayer.”
“The police had so many conditions. Even though we agreed to all the conditions, the funeral was surrounded by police. Every one of them had a rifle in their hand. They were even surrounding the graveyard.” The police did not allow him to pray at his son’s grave properly, claimed the elderly father Kalim Ullah.
Kalim Ullah also stated, some Police felt guilty. The officer said to the father “the police shot at the order of the Awami League Cadres (mobs) who instructed, ‘Fire him [Tufayel], he is a leader of shibir.’ So, we fired.”
Kalim Ullah said he will ask Allah for the justice of his son’s death. It is in vain to ask this government. Tufayel was Kalim Ullah’s fourth son of five sons and three daughters.
On 19th march, Tufayel’s wife and father disclosed this information to the reporters in Cox Bazar.

Source: Daily Naya Diganta