Power produced half in 2014 compared to 2013

There had been only 513 MW power generation growth in 2014, which was half compared to the growth rate in 2013, reports UNB.

According to statistics provided by the state-owned Power Development Board (PDB), the country’s available power generation capacity marked a rise by 513 MW in 2014 while the growth was more than double in the previous year as it showed a rise by 1,045 MW in 2013.

The power generation reached 6213 MW on December 28, 2014 from 5700 MW in December 29, 2013. It was 4,655 MW in December 27, 2012.

Sources said if the import of 500 MW from neighbouring India is taken into account, the available generation capacity increased by 1013 MW in 2014.

The PDB record also shows the installed generation capacity increased by 435 MW to reach 10,648 MW in December 2014 from 10,213 MW during the corresponding period in 2013. This capacity was 8931 MW during the same time in 2012. This means the increase in the installed capacity in 2013 was 1,282 MW.

About the power generation growth in 2013 and 2014, power sector expert and former director general of Power Cell BD Rahmatullah said the government gave the highest emphasis to rental and quick rental power plants which increased the capacity by about 1000 MW in 2013.

“But in 2014, the emphasis was on import of electricity from India, for which only 500 MW was added to the firm or available generation capacity,” he said.

Rahmatullah, however, said no figure or statistics of the government is reliable as the country’s firm generation capacity never crossed 6,500 MW although they show the capacity at 11000 MW plus.

“Actually, all the figures are exaggerated and sometime found self-contradicted. There’s no similarity with the data supplied by PDB and the Power Division or Power Cell,” said the former Power Cell chief.

He also suggested the government to pay greater attention towards setting up base-load power plants instead of costly rental, quick rental plants or import of power from India.

However, the Power Division’s latest document (Alokito Bangladesh) shows 6 power plants came into operation from January to December in 2014.

These are 52 MW Natore (Rajshahi), 50 MW Baraka – Patenga, 203 MW Meghnaghat-2, 102 MW Gagan Nagar, 68 MW Sirajganj (through upgradation) and 108 MW Ghorasal plant. The total capacity of these plants is 583 MW.

The same document reveals five plants, having the total capacity of 663 MW, started generating from January-December in 2013, and those are 25 MW Concord (Chittagong), 412 MW Haripur, 150 MW Khulna, 51 MW Ashuganj and 25 MW Shahjahan Ullah Power.

PDB statistics show the country generated a total of 99.08 million kilowatt hours of energy in 2014 while 90.84 million kilowatt hours in 2013 and 84.02 kilowatt hours in 2012.

It also reveals that power plants having total generation capacity of 2,600 MW could not be operated for gas shortage and forced outage in 2014 while this was 2900 MW in 2013 and 2000 MW in 2012 as per statistics collected in December each year.



Source: BD Chronicle