Power cuts on rise amid mild heat wave


Suffering of electricity consumers multiplied with the increasing frequency of power cuts imposed by the power utilities across the country over last few days.
Power sector officials said the demand for power had been growing steadily with the mercury climbing over last few days.
Sudden increase in demand for power has caused transformer collapse in different areas of the country forcing power distribution agencies to impose load shed for five to eight times a day in urban areas and 15 to 16 times in the rural areas.
The temperature has increased by five to seven degrees Celsius in the last three days.
The highest temperature was recorded in Rajshahi at 37 degrees Celsius on Monday while it was 36.4 degrees Celsius in Dhaka.
A mild heat wave with high humidity in different areas of the country since Sunday worsened the situation.
The heat wave will continue as there are little chances of a spell of shower in the next few days, the met office told New Age.
When asked, Power Development Board member Tamal Chakrabarti said that shortage of gas supply to the power plants had hampered generation in last couple of weeks.
But that did not have much impact on the situation, he said adding that the demand for power actually started increasing in last two days because of blistering summer heat, he said.
Besides, the power board had started renovation of a number of old power plants alternately to increase power supply during the month of Ramadan.
Tamal, however, said that the power generation would increase today as Petrobangla had already increased gas supply to the power stations.
According to National Load Despatch Centre, more than 2,100MW of power generation has been interrupted for last few weeks due to technical reasons and shortage of gas and oil supply.
Our district correspondents reported that power consumers were experiencing frequent load shedding in the countryside although the city corporations — particularly Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi and Sylhet — were provided with a better supply of electricity before the local polls.
Barisal and Rajshahi cities are experiencing almost uninterrupted power supply for last couple of weeks, New Age correspondents said.
But the power supply situation is worsening with the increase in temperature in other areas of the country, including the capital Dhaka.
Frequent power outages in Rangpur have even hindered health care service at Rangpur Medical College and Hospital, said our correspondent.
Meanwhile, several hundred students and locals on Monday blocked road demanding uninterrupted supply of electricity in the level crossing area on the Chittagong University campus disrupting traffic for about six hours.

Source: New Age
Image: Express Tribune