Polling officer dismisses polling agents; stamps ballots himself

banglabazar polling officer

Polling officers of Banglabazar Government Girls School voting centre, who were stationed to facilitate the voting process, were seen to indiscriminately stamp ballot papers at random themselves. This incident was observed at 11:15 am on Tuesday morning.

The pictures of the incident clearly show a large number of fake votes, with stamps on the “Hilsa fish” symbol of the Awami League ruling party supported candidate. A ballot box in the distance shows ballots stuffed illegally with the newly stamped ballot papers.

Earlier, BNP polling agents were forced out of the voting centre by the polling officers, who then seized the opportunity to carry out mass vote rigging in favour of the ruling party supported candidate at the polling station.

It is mentionable that opposition supported candidates had announced their boycott of the elections withing 5 hours into the voting process where incidents of widespread fraud have been reported.

Source: Sheershanews