Police surround Allama Shafi

maulana shafi

Translation: Police and other law enforcing agents are surrounding the Lalbagh area in Dhaka. Allama Shah Ahmed Shafi, leader of Hefazot Islam, is currently inside the party’s temporary office in Lalbagh. The security arround Lalbagh Madrasa has been strengthened from midnight Sunday, around the same time as attack in Shapla Chattar. Ansarul Hoque Imran, President of Bangladesh Student Khilafah, expressed concern that Allama Shafi could be arrested any time. Earlier in the night police and other law enforcing agents have attacked the Shapla Chattar which dispersed the the Hefazot members. Since then numerous people are seen lying on the streets. It is suspected that there has been many deaths from police shootings.

Source: RTNN