Police shoot detainees in the leg

A report claims British aid money may have been used to help corrupt regimes stamp out political opposition. Pictured: Police stand guard following demonstrations in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Bangladesh police have been shooting detained people in the leg. One first year student of law was arrested, blindfolded and shot multiple times in the leg. Ultimately it had to be amputated. He asks, “What did I do wrong?” Another man was shot 6 times in the leg, all targeted in the same place. He was arrested in the morning, by evening he was in hospital, subsequently having to also endure amputation. He states tearfully, “if they had taken me before a court, I would have proven my innocence.” Both these men were detained and shot on suspicion of being from the opposition. A representative from rights group, Odhikar, has called for the arrest of officers guilty of such conduct and demanded they be brought to justice by the law.



Source: Basherkella