Police Says Govt has Selected Men in Each Force to Carry out Killings

October 24, 2013

In this footage caught on camera, a policeman explains what they were ordered to do by the government of Bangladesh on Oct 25th, 2013.

Oct 25th, 2013 marks an important day in Bangladesh as it is the last day of Sheikh Hasina’s government (current ruling Awami League party). According to the previous constitution that was agreed by the best national consensus since the Bangladesh Independence, she is supposed to hand over the power to a Neutral Non-Party Care Taker Government, who would hold a fair and free election to form a new government for the next term of 5 years. However Sheikh Hasina (current ruling Awami League Party) removed this article from the constitution through a controversial amendment that was opposed by every other parties, groups and institutions in the country, even opposed by many of her own party members. She has banned all forms of protest in the country but the opposition parties will be holding rallies and protests all over the country on Oct 25, 2013.

Transcript of the Sub:
“Police: This government has started something very ruthless; we are only the servants of the Government.
Friend: What has the government planned?
Police: They haven’t planned much but we were told to be on extra alert, somehow let 25th of October pass and then mass arrests will take place by the government.
We have been given extra ammunition and weapons to deal with protesters on the 25th of October.
Friend: Don’t you feel bad to shoot so many innocent people?
Police: Listen brother, in all honesty I never shot anyone to this day. There are selected police individuals who carry out these killings who have no mercy or compassion, they act like animals. We have the order to kill criminals but I haven’t killed or shot any so far.
Friend: So who carries out these killings?
Police: What are you saying? They have enough people to carry out these killings; the government have many people deployed for this job.
Friend: As the 25th of October approaches will you face any problems from the government if you don’t attack protesters?
Police: Each Police Station has been given a quota to arrest (a certain number of protesters), and when we asked if there is not enough space in prison what we should do, they told us we should shoot them in their arms and legs to maim them for life.”

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