Police firing in custody leaves 2 imams crippled in Comilla


Maulana Abu Yusuf and Maulana Belal, both imams”, i.e religious scholars leading prayers in the mosque, had their legs amputated at Comilla Medical College Hospital prison ward, after sustaining bullet injuries while in police custody. Presently both men lead miserable and helpless lives as crippled men.

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On the 14th of February, 2015, Anwarul Azim, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics Department at Comilla Medical College, carried out the operation of amputation of the limbs of the two imams.

Family members said that Maulana Belal, a Jamaat-e-Islami supporter and the imam of a masjid, was picked up after Nangolkoat station police raided his house in the dead of the night. Afterwards, he was shot point-blank in the leg by firearms while in police custody.

Sustaining serious injuries, Maulana Belal was sent for treatment by law enforcement personnel under police custody at Comilla Medical College prison ward. Despite appealing to the law enforcement agencies for allowing him a chance for better treatment, his family informed that police personnel had denied them all pleas to allow him any such opportunity.

Belal’s family complained that doctors had to amputate his foot as a result of disregard for his deteriorating medical condition by the police and denying him the opportunity to avail better medical treatment. Maulana Belal was the imam of Kazir Bam Jaame Masjid of Nangalkoat sub-district. A resident of Nangolkoat, Belal is father to two young boys.

On the other hand, Choddogram station police arrested Maulana Abu Yusuf on Monday, February 2, 2015 from Miyabazar area at around 12:30 past noon. He was held by the police for two days in the police station in violation of a law stating that any person arrested has to be brought before a court within 24 hours of his arrest. In what appeared to be a violation of customary law, allegations surfaced that late on Wednesday night police officers took him out of the station premises, and staging him in an alleged incident of bus arson attack, shot at him in the legs. In light of severe injuries, police then admitted him into Comilla Medical College for treatment, where his leg was later amputated. The arrested Maulana Abu Yusuf is imam of Mojumder Bari Jaame Masjid at Kalikapur village of Kalikapur Union in Choddogram subdistrict, Comilla.

Source: Amardesh