Police fires live bullet on protesters in Cox’s bazar: 4 killed ;25 wounded


Cox’sbazar: 4 protesters killed and 25 more injured when police fired live amunition on a post-strike gathering in Kutbbdia island of Cox’sbazar on Tuesday at 7PM. At least 7 police also injured during the clash. The killed persons are Parvez(24), Abu Ahmed(55), Tazul Islam(29) and Abdul Aziz(28).

According to the locals, the clash started when police used force and took the microphone from the gathering . Police started baton charge and later on used live bullet on unarmed peoples.4 peoples were killed on spot and 25 more became injured.

A local leader and ex. council chairman Mr. SAhriar Kabir confirmed all victims were activist from Jamaat E Islami, where they holding the parliamentary seat.

Local police officer in charge could not be found through mobile after several attempt for comment.

Source: Daily Natunbarta