Police-BCL pound RU demo, 20 shot

Scores were injured when police and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League pounced on demonstrating students at Rajshahi University campus on Sunday.

The general students were demonstrating for lowering tuition fees and scrapping evening courses at the university, what they said was a move for privatisation.

Even journalists were not spared as police charged batons in response to queries over the incident at campus that left at least 50 students injured, bullet-hit.

Dhaka Tribune could manage names of 20 students who sustained bullet wounds – Parag, Rabiul, Mousum, Ashiq, Abdur Rashid, Abdul Latif, Saju, Ashiqur Rahman, Zahir Raihan, Sohel Rana, Abu Sufian, Rubel Pervez, Anwar, Ragib, Nazrul, Hamidul, Rana and Rakhi.

Activists of Chhatra League were seen wielding firearms and shooting at random on the general students. Some were said to be in critical condition.

About 5,000 students locked up academic buildings and began demonstrations in line with a previous announcement as part of the on-going movement in the morning.

At one point, a scuffle broke out with police and the law enforcers fired rubber bullets and lobbed teargas shells to disperse the demonstrating students.

After some time, two crude bombs exploded near the administrative building where the students regrouped in that area around 10am.

Soon, government-backed Chhatra League, led by campus unit President Mizanur Rahaman, intervened and assaulted the students. They were seen carrying firearms and shooting at random.

After the onslaught, police intervened again and fired rubber bullets and lobbed teargas shells on the demonstrating students for a second time.

Demonstrators alleged that Chhatra League cadres attacked in presence and under the patronisation of law enforcers.

The injured students were taken to hospital for treatments. When journalists sought comments regarding this matter from police, the law enforcers retaliated with batons – at least 10 were hurt.


SOURCE: http://www.dhakatribune.com/education/2014/feb/02/20-bullet-hit-among-50-injured-ru

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