‘People were evacuated beforehand in ‪RanaPlaza‬’ -PM Hasina

rana plaza rescue

Translation: The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina claims that the fallen 8 floor building in Savar was evacuated prior to its fall. People got injured and died only when they went back to get their belongings.

She made this claim on Wednesday in the opening ceremony of the metro train in Comlapur train station.

She also says that the Police, RAB and the Army were all participating in the rescue team in their efforts to drag people out of the rubble. The cracked 9 story Rana Plaza building on Tuesday fell in to rubbles on Wednesday morning at 8.30am. So far around 90 people have been found dead. The number of injured is significantly rising.

The Prime Minister said “All precautions were taken beforehand. Because we knew the building would collapse we made sure everyone was evacuated from it. But in the morning people went in to the building to bring out the valuable items form inside. And then they become victim of the disaster that followed”.

She expressed her condolences for the victims of the disaster and said “I’m deeply grieving the catastrophe that has taken place. I give condolences to the sorrow affected relatives in this time of difficulty.”

She reassures the people that all necessary preparations have been taken in the nearby Hospitals to treat the injured. She blames the strike (Hartal) for any delays in the rescue effort and appeals to the opposition party to cancel the strike as this is preventing relatives of the injured to reach the site.

The Officer In charge of the Savar Model Area OC Assaduzzaman states that when the cracks were noticed on Tuesday morning, the 4 Garments factories and one bank office were immediately closed. However on Wednesday morning workers started their work again in the Garments Factory.

Source: NewsEvent24