ORPHANAGE TRUST CASE: Khaleda trial adjourned again amidst pandemonium

khaleda zia

The Dhaka Special Judge’s Court-3 on Monday again adjourned the trial of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson, Khaleda Zia, and five others in the Orphanage Trust graft case amidst pandemonium created by defence counsels over rejection of three applications seeking time.
The judge, Bashudev Roy, began recording the testimony of the plaintiff, Anti-Corruption Commission deputy director Harun-or-Rashid, at about 3:15pm rejecting the time petition after a long debate between the prosecution and defence counsels over the time petition.
As soon as the plaintiff started making his testimony, the defence counsels started shouting saying that they were yet to complete their arguments in favour of their third petition seeking time.
The judge asked the plaintiff to continue but the defence counsels shouted him down and the judge was then seen to try to settle down the pandemonium asking over two dozen policemen to contain over three dozen defence counsels.
In the face of the pandemonium, most of the people could not hear the statement of the prosecution witness and subsequently the judge left the makeshift courtroom set up at Bakhshibazar playground for his chamber.
Some 15-minutes after leaving the courtroom, the court from his chamber adjourned the proceedings till December 17.
Harun told New Age that he completed his testimony but prosecutors said he made the testimonies in part.
A large number of defence counsels led by AJ Mohammad Ali and Joynal Abedin challenged the legality of the recording of the testimony saying that a High Court bench was expected to hear Khaleda’s petition seeking the case to be transferred to another court.
Joynal referred eight examples and told the court that it should not continue with the trial the matter is disposed of by the High Court.
As prosecutor Musharraf Hossain Kajol interrupted his argument, Joynal told the court, ‘This is judicial anarchy since we seek justice.’
The prosecutor argued that the trial should continue since no document from the High Court staying the trial was produced in the court in the last seven dates.
On September 22, the court adjourned the trial against Khaleda, her eldest son Tarique Rahman and four others in the case after her counsels expressed no-confidence in the court.
Khaleda did not appear in the makeshift courtroom on Monday due to ‘security reason.’
The court asked the authorities to ensure security in and around the court.

Source: New Age