Opposition activist killed by RAB crossfire in Rajshahi

April 12, 2013

25 year old Shibir activist Shahadat Hossen has been killed in the crossfire of RAB at Binodpur in Rajshahi. He was a student of Rajshahi College and beloved son of Mohammad Monu Ali of Kajla town. This incident happened at about 4:00 am at dawn.

RAB claims that in order to create violence in the area surrounding Rajshahi University, Shibir activists were conducting a secret meeting at Radio Colony Field of Binodpur.  Having received this information, a team of RAB went there to investigate.  When they got there RAB claims that Shibir leaders and activists fired bullets at them, and RAB retaliated with bullets of their own.  Shahadat Hossen was shot and died on the spot.  His body was sent to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital Morgue.

Shahadat’s family informs that he was arrested from his friend’s house in Mirpur on May 4th and taken to RAB headquarters and brutally tortured.  He was then taken to Rajshahi by RAB yesterday and killed by their crossfire at 4:00am.  The people near the area inform that they have not heard of any such program of Shibir at Binodpur, but they did hear the sound of gunshots at dawn.

Translated from Amar Desh