Opinion: AL goons yet again attack Hindus

Durga idols vandalized Awami League minority attacks

The Hindus came under the attack of ruling Awami League activists yet again. Some ruling party activists, as New Age reported on Saturday quoting victims, attacked the Hindus at a village in Feni on October 28 over Lakshmi Puja firework. What is the most horrific is that the attackers kicked a woman, pregnant for seven months, trying to save her husband, in the abdomen, forcing the birth of the premature baby stillborn. The attack left 10 injured in all. It reminds us of the gruesome incident, in which a baby, still in her mother’s womb, was hit with a bullet when the woman was caught in an internecine clash of the party in Magura a few months ago. The baby in the Magura incident could finally survive because of better treatment given apparently to calm down public rage. But it is not difficult to infer that humans are not safe even in mother’s womb under the government that earlier refused to ensure security for citizens in their bedroom.

Attacks on the Hindus, no doubt, are not exclusive of the incumbent regime. They have been persecuted and lost their land to grabbers tied to the majority Muslim community, in particular, under successive governments. But it is also true that the attack in question took place at the hands of people loyal to a party, the leaders of which often claim to be championing secularism and non-communal spirit, which are among issues that inspired the country’s war for independence in 1971. Besides, ever since the party assumed office in 2009, its leaders and activists hit the headlines on a number of occasions for their involvement in attacks on religious minorities, especially Hindus. In late March, the entire Hindu community of a small village in Barguna left their homesteads in the face of death threats reportedly from a leader of the Juba League, the youth front of the ruling party, who was desperate to grab the land. Leaders of the minority community at a press briefing in Dhaka on August 6 accused an influential minister and two ruling party lawmakers in Thakurgaon and Pirojpur of grabbing houses, temple and farm land of the Hindus. To add to the woes, almost all these incidents, like even the ones that took place under their predecessors, still remain unaddressed.

The attack on the Hindus in Feni, that too over a trifle mater, could take place in such a situation. According to the district Janmashtami Parishad general secretary, the ‘planned’ attack could have been headed off if the police had taken timely steps. Coming out of the majoritarian policy pursued by successive governments, regardless of the political inclination, on the one hand, and their oft-repeated rhetoric when it comes to protecting interests of minority people, religious, ethnic and otherwise, on the other, the incumbents immediately need to seriously deal with the case at hand as something otherwise will undermine the constitution in particular. People of democratically bent also need to raise their voice over the issue.

Source: New Age