Online news portal blocked by government


Just News couldn’t be viewed from anywhere in Bangladesh. Mohiuddin Khan Mohon, the sites news editor, confirmed the news to

The internet service provider of Just News, Brac Net, informed Just News that BRTC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Committee) instructed them to block Just News. 

Mohiuddin Khan stated, we are yet to be sure whether BRTC really issued the order. Concerned people are trying to probe it. But in reality if such an order is given then it will be an undue intervention of the government on the media.

Readers are unable to find Just News on internet since last Friday. Mushfiqul Fazal Ansari, editor of Just News, who is currently living abroad, informed Naya Diganta over telephone, that the government closed down Just News therefore online readers are unable to access the site. But he is unaware of the reason as to why the government shut it down.

Just News started two years ago and has gained popularity among the readers for its news presentation and analysis. No reason is given from the government side for closing the portal.

Source: Dhaka Times, Naya Diganta