Not only Khaleda’s electricity, all other lines will be disconnected: AL’s Hasan Mahmud

khaleda zia

Ruling party Awami League’s publicity secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud said, ”Not only electricity line, all other line of Khaleda Zia’s office will be disconnected.”

He said this while he was giving a speech in front of Press Club in a anti blockade protest organised by Awami Hawkers league.

He also said: ”Khaleda became a violent witch for power. She should be immediately arrested. Not only her, everyone who are killing people in the name of this movement, should be sent to prison.”

He added: ”Disconnecting electricity line of Khaleda Zia’s office is not sufficient, gas and water line will also be disconnected.”

Khaleda Zia’s electricity was cut in the early hours of Saturday January 31 2015. Reports have emerged that mobile and landline connections to her Gulshan office have also been cut by the authorities.