No news of whereabouts of 2 students even 4 days after abduction by plain clothed police

Nangolkot students abduction

No news as to the whereabouts of two students abducted by plain clothed men claiming to be Detective Branch (DB) police at Nangalkot, Comilla, could be found even after 4 days of the abduction incident. One of those abducted by the plain clothed men was Osman Gani Mridha (21), son of Yunus Ali Mridha of Tulagaon village. Osman is a student of the economics department at Comilla Victoria Government College. The other student abducted is Nasir Uddin Mridha (17), son of Mostafizur Rahman Mridha of the same household in Tulagaon. Nasir is a class 11 student at Nangalkot Hasan Memorial Degree College.

Family and local sources informed that on Monday night, the two students went to sleep after completion of studies. At around 1:30 am past midnight, 10-12 plain clothed men identifying themselves as DB police woke them up and in a short time, forced them into vehicles and quickly drove off with them. After the incident, various branches of police including Nangolkot police were contacted for information on the abducted students. However, all of them denied having any knowledge of the incident or of the abducted students. The situation has remained unchanged even after four days of the incident as security forces still deny any knowledge of the whereabouts of the abducted students, despite family claims to the contrary.

Yunus Ali Mridha, father of one of the abducted students Osman Gani Mridha, said, “We have heard that they are being held at the DB headquarters at Mintu Road in Dhaka. However, we have not being able to receive any confirmation whatsoever of the news till now.”

Nazrul Islam PPM, the Officer in Charge (OC) of Nangalkot police station said that he didn’t have knowledge of any any such incident. He confirmed however that police had not arrested any of those two students.

Monjur Ahmed, the District DB police OC said, “We didn’t send any team for operation into Nanagalkot that night. We have heard however, that a team of DB-DMD (Dhaka Detective Branch police) had come to to Nangolkot on Monday night. However, we have no knowledge of whether they arrested anybody that night.“

Source: Amadernangalkot