No bar on upload bandwidth

Suman Ahmed Sabir, Chief Strategic Officer of an IIG institution Fibre at Home and an IT specialist, confirmed to that he got the letter to this effect from the BRTC on Sunday morning.

Upload bandwidth would be back to normal after the fresh orders, he said. “There are no problems on upload speed now.”

However, the official did not mention whether state-run BTRC had provided any reason for revoking its previous order.

Later in the day, BTRC Vice Chairman Gias Uddin Ahmed confirmed that the letters had indeed been issued withdrawing the earlier order restricting bandwidth.

He however, did not provide any reasons for the change in decision.

On Thursday, following directive, IIGs reduced upload bandwidth by 75 percent in a bid to check illegal voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

Users complained of long delay in uploading photos in facebook or video chatting in Skype.

But the move did not affect download speed.

IIG companies act as wholesalers supplying bandwidths to internet service providers (ISP) who in turn provide internet to customers.

Source: bdnews24