Nightly police raid on Sylhet Aliya madrassah hostel; gunshots fired; denial by police

Police have raided the premises of Sylhet Alia Madrassa hostel. On Wednesday, at about quarter past 9 pm in the night, police suddenly broke into the campus premises and began conducting raids in the various hostel rooms. During this time, the police were accused of severely beating up several students. Police were also accused of firing 4-5 rounds of gunshots during the course of the raiding operation, according to hostel super Abdul Mosabbir. All allegations however, were denied by Kotwali police station OC Mohammad Asaduzzaman.

Four students, who had been arrested during the operation, were later released.

The students of the Alia Madrassa hostel informed that at the time, the hostel students were busy in their studies after the end of the night meal. It was a very peaceful and quiet night at the hostel premises. At exactly quarter past 9 pm, 10-15 policemen broke into the hostel premises from the road to the east of the hostel building, and began firing blank gunshots into the building. Exacerbating an already fearsome situation, they broke down the wooden doors to some of the rooms using their feet and started raiding them. In the panic that ensued, many students were seen to be crying out in fear, while others were seen running about, trying to escape from the police in fright. Police held 4 students, and took them to the police station.
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Hostel super, Abdul Mosabber, when asked about the incident, said, ”the police were supposed to have informed the requisite authorities and taken permission before sanctioning such an operation. However no such permission had been taken, which was very sad. I myself, along with my children, became terrified of the sounds of gunshots after police began firing.”

The principal of Khulna Aliya Madrassa, Professor Mohiuddin, said that the aggressive behavior and actions of the police were highly regrettable. He further informed that the OC of Kotwali police station had later called him to inform him to send over the hostel super in order to take the 4 arrested students back to the hostel. He confirmed that hostel super Abdul Mosabber had gone to the police station to bring back the arrested students, who were later released by police after 11 pm late in the night.

However, when the OC of Kotwali police station, Asaduzzaman, was queried on the above incident, he denied that any such event had taken place, saying that police had only questioned some students after chasing two young men fom Dariapara point near the hostel, who according to the police appeared to be students and had run towards the direction of the hostel premises in the aftermath of an incident of cocktail explosions. Nothing more had happened, he added.

Source: Dainikjalalabad