“My father is not worried” – Kamaruzzaman’s son following family visit

hasan iqbal

“My father is not worried. Neither are we. He is in good health. He wants us to live a life of integrity and to be always faithful to the truth,” said Hasan Iqbal Wami, the elder son of Muhammad Kamruzzaman.

Nurunnahar, the wife Kamruzzaman, sons Hasan Iqbal Wami and Hasan Imam Wafee, daughter Atiya Noor and other members of the family visited him at 6:42pm on Monday. It was a one-hour visit. Wami has told Naya Diganta that the family received a letter from jail authorities around 3.15 pm on Monday saying that they can meet Kamruzzaman at 5pm on the same day.

“Allah (God) will punish the Prime Minister, the judges and the witnesses who have given false statements against me. The new generation will dig out the truth one day. My belief is that the Islamic revolution will rise up after my death,” Kamruzzaman said to his family, according to Wami.

“When the jail authorities receive a copy of the verdict, my father will decide whether he will seek a pardon. The verdict can’t be implemented until then. We were not allowed to meet our father face-to-face, although; we’re legally permitted to do so. There was a door between us. If it was our very last moment together, then, our desire to give him a goodbye-hug for the last time will remain unfulfilled. However, we believe that we’ll have another chance to see our father again,” Wami added.

He also said that his father is in good mental and physical condition. “The statements that the investigation officer had given to journalists and judges are questionably different, which proves that the statements were false,” Wami said.

The petition that the defense had submitted on March 5, 2015 for judicial review was denied on Monday by an appeal bench of four judges, Abdul Wahab Mia, Hasan Foyez Siddiqui and A H M Shamsuddin Chowdhury, led by chief judge Surendra Kumar Sinha. Therefore, the death sentence given on May 9, 2013 by the War Crimes Tribunal-2 for committing crimes against humanity during the Liberation War of 1971 remains unchanged. Another appeal was denied in 2014.

Furthermore, the defense lawyers told Naya Diganata that they’re not allowed to meet their client, Kamruzzaman after the denial of Monday. “We’ve requested for a permission, but it was denied by the authorities. However, they’ve sent a letter to the family of Mr. Kamruzzaman around 3pm to meet him,” said Shishir Monir, one of the lawyers.

In reply, senior jail custodian, Forman Ali said, “lawyers are not permitted to meet their clients at this point, therefore; they were denied.”

Kamruzzaman has been put in Dhaka Central Jail since the complete verdict of the case was out on February 18, 2015. After the denial given on Monday, the sentence remains unchanged again.

Source: Naya Diganta