Murder of blogger Bijoy under patronage of government: Imran H Sarker

imran sarkar

Imran H Sarker, the spokesperson for the Ganajagaran Mancha, claimed that the government and the state apparatus were behind the recent murder of blogger Ananta Bijoy Das. He made the above allegations at a rally held in front of the National Museum at Shahbag on Tuesday in memory of the slain blogger.

While speaking at the rally, Imran said that on one hand the killers of the slain bloggers were not being arrested, while on the other hand the killers of Rajib were being released in the dead of the night on bail and sent abroad. Such killers, he said, are supported by the state and the government themselves.

Dr. Imran H Sarker alleged that it was now clear that people inside the government itself were responsible for both employing and providing shelter to the killers. If that were not so, so many murders would not have been possible. The perpetrators were not being arrested because they were being sheltered by people inside the government itself. Imran further said that new issues were being manufactured to cover up such incidents. Maybe another issue would be created soon to cover up this incident and save the killers, and maybe that would be done within the next 2 days.

Imran said that the murder of blogger Rajib Haider would not have happened if the justice had been done in the killing of Humayun Azad. Similarly, the killings of Avijit, Babu and Bijoy would not have occurred if justice had been done in the case of the killing of Rajib Haider. In this manner, all were being killed in order to transform Bangladesh into a failed state.

Commenting on the current security situation, Imran said that if this were to continue, then perhaps one day the citizens of Bangladesh would have to take up arms like the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to provide their own security. The state was now on the verge of being a failed state.

He also announced programmes to demand justice for the murdered blogger Ananta Bijoy Das on Wednesday, including a protest programme at shahbag and a torchlight procession. Ganajagaran activists also brought out a procession that marched to Teachers’ Students’ Centre (TSC) of the Dhaka University and ended after coming back to Shahbagh.

Source: Kalerkontho