Mujaheed Verdict Wednesday


International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-2 fixed Wednesday to pronounce the verdict in the case filed against Jamaat Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujaheed in connection with the crimes against humanity during the war of liberation in 1971.
ICT-2 led by Justice Obaidul Hasan passed the order Tuesday.
From May 6 to May 16, prosecution placed arguments against Mujaheed for 6 working days and from May 22 to June 4, defense placed arguments favoring Mujaheed for same number of working days.
On January 16 of 2012, prosecution brought 34 formal charges written in 6,680-page against Mujaheed for murder, massacre, rape and looting and on June 21, ICT-2 framed charge against him.
On July 19, state prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu, prosecutor Mokhlesur Rahman Badal and Meer Iqbal Hossain placed the 29-page opening statement.