Movement to continue: Khaleda

khaleda zia

BNP chief urges int’l community to raise voice

Staff Correspondent

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson, Khaleda Zia, on Thursday said that people believed that the ruling party was committing violence and act of sabotage in a planned way to suppress the movement and to mount repression on the opposition.
In a statement sent to the press in a release singed by BNP vice-chairperson Selima Rahman, the BNP-led alliance leader reiterated that the ongoing movement would continue until reaching the final goal of restoring democracy, people’s right to vote and basic human rights, establishing rule of law and ensuring peace, safety and justice.
She urged all to join the movement.
She said that apprehension of further rise of militancy in the country had again emerged the way the incumbent resorted to repressive course to eliminate the liberal politics.
Not only the security of Bangladesh but also that of the entire region might be hampered, she said, urging international community and democratic world to raise voice against state terrorism and in favour of democratic movement in Bangladesh.
‘We never do politics capitalising on the lives of people,’ she said, adding that the pattern of the ongoing killings of innocent people in violence and arson attacks had similarity with many incidents of ‘such heinous offences the ruling party had committed earlier.
Khaleda also said that the party that cling to power had earlier burned alive about a dozen people by setting fire to a bus by gunpowder, stripped man of clothes in the street, forced deferral of public examinations for three months enforcing general strikes, enforced shutdowns even in Ramadan, beat people to death with bow-and-stick, danced on the bodies, crippled ports and torched railway station and police barrack.
She urged the government to stop ‘such ill-politics of killing and maiming of innocent people.’
Condemning killing of a good number of people in arson attacks on vehicles, the BNP chief said questions had already arisen among public minds that how the vehicles, the ruling party men and state agencies forced to ply on the roads and that too under protection of law enforcers, could came under arson attack.
The law enforcer failed to catch the criminals red handed and although a few were held, they were being released on instruction of the ruling party leaders, Khaleda said.
She said that that so far 33 opposition leaders and activists were killed by ‘Awami terrorists’ and law enforcers by shooting, arranged gunfight and other brutal ways after during the ongoing blockade.
She said hundreds of leaders and activists were injured, many leaders and activists were missing after being detained while over 17,000 were arrested.
Khaleda said a few lakh of her party members were on the run in fear of arrests in false cases. Besides, houses of many were put on fire, damaged and plundered.
Referring to her youngest son’s death, Khaleda said that the government was active to dissociate her from people and leaders and activists by creating multifarious pressures and obstacles.
She said that she would not bow down to any pressure or intimidation. ‘I am ready to face any situation or consequence,’ she added.

Source: New Age