Mithapukur Petrol Bombing: Allegations Shibir Leader Forced by Torture to Confess


The arrested ex-president of upazila chattra shibir Hafizur Rahman (30) gave his confessional statement about his alleged involvement in a petrol bomb attack on a bus at Mithapukur, Rangpur. But a complaint has arisen that, he has given the statement after being tortured by police. His hands and legs became swollen due to the pressure of torture.
Four passengers were burnt to death on the spot and two were dead under treatment in that attack on 13th January.
Last Monday OC of Mithapukur Police station, Humayun Kabir confirmed the news about the confessional statement of Hafizur Rahman.
Police said, Hafizur Rahman is the Mithapukur correspondent of Daily Sangram. He is involved in Mithapukur Petrol bomb attack. He was arrested last Saturday at Garermatha, Mithapukur. Last Sunday he confessed his alleged involvement in that attack at court in his statement under 164 section. But on condition of anonymity, a source informed that, Police forcefully took the statement by torturing him and intimidating him about crossfire and abduction.
In the court, Hafizur Rahman could not walk properly due to his injury. Instead of giving medical treatment police brought him there to take his statement. How come a news correspondent hurled a petrol bomb at a bus, is a question to all local journalists.
Family of Him also complained against Police torture. One of his family members said that, he was not involved in any kind of attack. He was forced to give a false statement in the face of police torture.
Because of that incident 41 members-leaders of Jamaat-Shibir have been arrested till yesterday including upazila Jamaat office secretary Shah Hafizur Rahman, Upazila Shibir President Younus Ali, Upazila Shibir ex-president Abdul Moksed Baharul. Upazila SI Abdur Razzak filed a case in Mithapukur Police station against 80 individuals and 50 anonymous persons on that attack.

Source: InsideBD