Missing Ahsanullah student on migrant boat?

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology student Sabbir Hassan, who went missing about a year ago from St Martin’s Island, is one of the migrants rescued from a boat in Aceh of Indonesia, Sabbir’s parents have claimed.

His parents ascertained that a youth seen in a photograph, published in a national daily in Bangladesh, is their son Sabbir, private television station Channel I reported on Wednesday.


In the photograph, a thin and pale youth is seen sleeping among the trafficking victims rescued in Aceh of Indonesia.

Showing the newspaper cutting, Sabbir’s mother said: “I can identify that it is surely my son’s image.”

“This is my son’s sleeping style. Look at his cheeks, he has become very thin.”

Talking about the rescued migrants, Sabbir’s father said: “Why are the migrants, who have been rescued there, not being returned home?”

“The person in the picture is surely my son Sabbir.”

A group of 34 students of Ahsanullah University went to St Martin’s Island on April 14, 2014. Later, some students were washed away in the bay.

Four of the students died while Sabbir and his friend Uday Hassan remained missing.

Human trafficking has become a burning issue around the world including Asia. Thousands of migrant people rescued from boats were leading to Thailand, Malaysia illegally. Recently, hundreds of migrant graves were found in Thailand and Malaysia. Many of them belong to the nationality of Bangladesh.

Source: Dhaka Tribune