MERS wake-up call for Bangladesh health officials

MERS wake-up call for Bangladesh health officials

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has once again given a wake-up call to Bangladeshi authorities to take a foolproof preparation and raise awareness.

Last year, this unique coronavirus was a cause for concern ahead of Hajj preparation. This time, it returned to haunt the authorities after South Korea onslaught.

South Korea has confirmed 182 cases resulting to 31 deaths in the largest outbreak of this deadly virus outside Saudi Arabia where it was first identified in 2012.

World Health Organization says the understanding of this new virus and the disease it causes globally is still evolving.

Bangladesh’s health ministry on Sunday convened a meeting with minister Mohammed Nasim in the chair to take stock of possibilities of the virus spreading in the country and preparations made thereof.

The minister asked all to take preparations and create awareness about the virus, officials who were present at the meeting told

As for himself, Nasim told media that there was “nothing to be panicked about” at this moment.

The meeting was convened following WHO’s recommendations that countries must take preparations and build awareness in the wake of South Korea situation.

“We have made preparations,” Prof Mahmudur Rahman, Director of the government’s disease monitoring arm, IEDCR, told

He is also a member of the WHO panel of experts on MERS emergency committee that makes technical decision based on which WHO chief gives her decision.

“We have decided to keep our isolation units functioning at all districts and disseminate information about the virus. At every hospital we have trained doctors who can manage such patients,” he said.

The IEDCR first recorded a MERS case in Bangladesh in June last year. The person recuperated.

Source: Financial Express