“May you Rest In Peace, father”


By Hasan Zaman Safi

Inna-Lillahi-Wa-Inna-Ilaihi-Rajiun. May you Rest In Peace father.

Sheikh Hasina has successfully killed my father. Just because her father was murdered, she thinks everyone else’s father has to be murdered too. Framing an innocent 19 years old boy as Greater Myemensingh’s chief organizer of Al-Badr, then torturing him for several years and finally hanging him to death for the crimes that were surely committed by someone else is worse than the crimes themselves. What this Witch has done to my father will never go unpunished.

hasan iqbal1

Mohammad Kamaruzzaman’s eldest son, Hasan Iqbal, meets reporters after meeting with his father. (AFP)


For more than four years you have suffered their torture but it wasn’t enough for them, they had to take your life. Sorry ABBU for not being able to save you from their tyranny. As a son I never expected a better father than you were. You will always remain as the greatest hero of my life. You were not only an amazing father but also a respected Islamic leader who has been loved by millions of people throughout the world. Everyone dies, no one lives forever but everyone isn’t lucky enough to be remembered as a martyr when they are gone. You will be in our hearts for eternity and there is no power which can take that away. This is not the end of you, as there are hundreds of thousands of people who follow your footsteps and a lot more will follow in the future. No matter what, finally you are out of this hellhole and I believe that men like you go to heaven after their death. Not only us family members but everyone who had the opportunity to know you are heartbroken because of your departure from this world. However, we are happy for you as well because you are in a much better place right now than you were.

Lastly, thanks a lot to all the lawyers who have tried their level best to save my father even at the very last second, the Jamaat and Shibir members who have risked their lives to protest against this tyranny, and also everyone else who has been with us through their prayers and supporting our family in various ways. We are extremely sorry for the lives that have been sacrificed trying to protest for my father. I know thanking you would not be enough and to be honest we can’t even repay the debt we owe you but I can assure you one thing, none of your sacrifices will go in vein. We will always be grateful to you guys for what you have done.