#MaukaMauka? How Bangladesh is Trolling India Before the World Cup Quarter-Final

#MaukaMauka? How Bangladesh is Trolling India Before the World Cup Quarter-Final

Image courtesy: Screengrab from YouTube video uploaded by FameOfDream

As the World Cup progresses, each successive India match seems to provide a Mauka for another of those advertisements that have gone viral, hitting the internet like a storm in a giant tea cup – and, perhaps, a response video.

India plays Bangladesh in less than 48 hours in Thursday’s quarter-final match, and Bangladesh is going out all guns blazing to take on the defending champions.

We are not sure what’s going to happen on-pitch, but off-pitch, this response video from Bangladesh reminds us why the match could well go in their favour.

On March 14, Bangladeshi YouTube channel FrameOfDream posted a video, calling it a response to the mock-jingoistic Mauka Muka ads.

The ad shows an Indian fan watching that famous 2007 World Cup match, when India lost to Bangladesh. Then they show glimpses of the 2012 Asia Cup which was held in Dhaka, where Bangladesh defeated India once again. Both times, the Indian cricket fan has to put away his box of fireworks untouched. So this time, team Bangladesh team presented him with a new set if firecrackers, issuing a challenge of sorts to the Indian cricket team. The video ends with the message: #TakeItBackIfYouCan.

The video was posted with this description: “Before making a MAUKA MAUKA about others, INDIA cricket really should make a MAUKA MAUKA about themselves. #DontLoseMauka.”

That’s not the only response to the Mauka ads from Bangladesh.

In another video, a giant green monster appears to wreak havoc on astronauts planting flags of different countries on the moon. Behind a rock, an astronaut clutching the Indian flag cowers in trembling silence.

Source: NDTV