Many Gunshot Patients at Orthopedic Hospital, Fearful of Speaking Under Heavy Police Watch

nazmul hossain

Nazmul Hossain (35), a minor service-holder, has lived in Dhaka for a decade with his wife and two children. But he stated that on 3rd January all of a sudden law enforcement officers shot at his leg while he was going to shopping. After that, he has been at the National Institute of Traumatology & Orthopedic Rehabilitation, also known as the Orthopedic Hospital.

Many wounded people like him are also admitted there. Some of them are kept under police guard. They are deeply frightened to say anything about their identity for fear of losing their lives.

Being treated under police observation at the Orthopedic Hospital, Nazmul Hossain said he is a tenant of Mohammadpur area. He is an employee of a multi-purpose company situated at Chand Park area. He used to work at several garments companies before that. He said, on 3rd January at 9am he was going to the market. When he reached Razia Sultana road, some policemen summoned him. He went to them and suddenly they grabbed him like terrorists. A police officer shot at his leg without any notice or explanation. Then they themselves brought him to the hospital.

Hossain stated, “I have no enemies. I do not know why they shot me down. And I heard that there is a case charged against me in Mohammadpur police station but I do not know what that is about.”

His wife stated that her husband has been given three injections per day for last 13 days. Each of them cost 800 taka along with 275 taka for hospital bed rental per day. They have to continue the treatment by taking loans.

In front of Hossain there are three other patients under police watch. They were also shot in their legs but they did not want to say anything about them. The relatives of the patients said that they are innocent, but they will be in big trouble if they say anything further.

Meanwhile Wahidul Islam, a wounded person from Bashail sub-district of Tangail, wept. “People have to know the truth” stated one of the relatives of the patients, but did not comment further beyond observing that, if they say the truth, they will be in trouble.

The remaining two patients are relatives of each other. In the next ward, there is another patient named Noyon from Bagerhat, a student of Jogonnath University. He and his family refused to talk with journalists saying that, “Journalists cannot save me.”

There are three other wounded persons in the prison cell of the hospital. But they also did not want to talk to anyone.

A young man from Laxmipur, who was shot on his leg, said, “police filed a case against me, but after the interference of journalists, they filed four more.” He is under treatment for more than a month. He said, “If you want to talk with me, come to the jail. I have lost my one leg. Do you want me to lose another? After I was shot, many journalists wrote about me. It made me happy but I did not realize the misfortune it would bring to me.” When he was asked about his occupation, he said outrageously, “I am a terrorist, write this if you can. It might help me.” At that time, he was asked again and again about his identity but he strictly refused to reveal it. He said, “the police are here. They know better about my identity.” There are nine police on duty in that small prison cell.

According to the information of the emergency ward, 26 people have been admitted there in the last one month due to their injuries from bullets or bombs. They are: Tanzila akter, Faruk, Habibullah, Anik Mallik, Rasel, Shohrab and Raju from Dhaka, Jahangir and Ershad Ullah Levin from Noakhali, Md. Enayet, Masum and Swapon from Comilla, Foyez Ali Sarkar from Azampur, Monir Hossen from Shariyatpur, Khorshed from Manikganj, Nafi Ahmed and Mehedi from Maymansingh, Abdul Barek from Chandpur, Rubel from Gopalganj, Mofazzel and Nayan from Bagerhat, Fulmama, Nadir and Roman from Gazipur, Anisur Rahman from Brahmanbaria and Motiar from Chuwadanga. Most of them were fired at and are suffering from gunshots.

Source: Manabzamin