Live footage of Extrajudicial Killing by Bangladesh Police, the Real Face of Awami League

The people of Bangladesh wants the punishment of the perpetrators, who burned buses and kills innocent passengers. The same applies to the opposition parties fighting for the voting rights of the people. But police and RAB are killing innocent political activists of the opposition parties rather than arrest those culprits.

Most of the petrol bombing and arson occurred in the presence of police, BGB and RAB. Despite orders to shoot on sight, they remained silent or did not try to chase those culprits. Instead, intelligence agencies have listed around 2,800 top-ranking leaders of BNP and Jamaat across the country, arrested them or abducted them arbitrarily and killing them in cold blood in the name of ‘Gunfight’ and ‘Revenge’.

Beside the police, RAB and BGB the ruling party men are also killing political opposition leaders, activists and supporters regularly.