Leftist intellectual Badruddin Umar predicts ‪Awami League‬ will not last


TRANSLATION (partial): “On a fair election Awami League will not even win 20-25 seats. They would be attacked by the people. Frightened Hasina is trying to hand over power to a covert military regime. But even that may not save Awami League.

…. The people’s opposition to Awami League is already very widespread and intense. Because of the unbridled theft, corruption, plunder, fraud, terror, killing, etc., in nearly five years rule, the Awami League has now become an object of people’s hatred. So, in the next election, not only the question of Awami League victory does not arise, but also it will be difficult for it to win even in 20-25 seats. They also understand the situation. Their grass root activists know it very well that if a fair election is held, then not only the Awami League will be defeated, but also it would be difficult to save its existence. They would be attacked by the people. The grass root activists and leaders of various districts, with whom Sheikh Hasina exchanged views, hold similar opinion. The outcome of a fair election under a caretaker govt will not only mean the uprooting of the Awami League govt, but also Awami League would be facing severe consequences as a political party. This is the root cause of Sheikh Hasina’s opposition to caretaker govt. ….

….. afraid and frightened of opposition victory and its consequences, she is preparing to hand over power to a covert military regime ….. but it is highly unlikely that it would save the Awami League …….”

Source: Daily Jugantor