Laxmipur Chattrodal leader Zisan killed: RAB alleges death in “crossfire”


Chattroda leader Sulaiman Uddin Zisan (26) was killed at an encounter by RAB at Putia a palace near Dhaka –Chittagong highway of Comilla, Daudkhandi Upazilla. He was the son of late Abu Bakr from Latifpur village of Laxmipur Upazilla. He was the ex-library secretay of zilla chattrodal.
According to Enamul Haq, (S.I) of Daudkhandi Police Station, Zisan was going to Laxmipur from Dhaka on a bike. Around quarter to two at night while he was in a place called Zinglatola a surveillance team from RAB 11 signaled him to stop. But they grew suspicious as he went away without heeding the signal and informed about him to the surveillance RAB unit of Putia, Daudkhandi.
The RAB team of Putia signaled Zisan to stop while he reached there but he fired two shots at RAB members and RAB shot back and he died.
Police claimed there was 29 cases filed against Zisan at Laxmipur Police Station. One pistol, one bullet and the motorcycle was recovered from him. His dead body was sent to the morgue of Comilla Medical College.
Police will lodge a complaint of the incident as victim. Abu Salam, O.C. of Daudkhandi Police Station confirmed the news.
Cases of opposition deaths at the hands of law enforcers in alleged “crossfire” incidents have increased across the country, particularly following the advent of the opposition led blockade since January 5. Families of those killed have asserted extrajudicial killings, including abduction and custodial murder, while law enforcers have alleged death in “crossfire”. Other recent cases of JCD activists killed in similar circumstances include the killing of Morshed Alam Parvez in Noakhali and Nuruzzaman Jhony in Dhaka. Several leaders and activists of Jamaat and Shibir have also been killed in comparable cases.