Laximpur Jamaat Leader Killed and Thrown from House Roof by RAB

dr foyez ahmed1

Officials of the Rapid Action Battalion have killed a senior district leader of Jamat Islami in Laximpur on Friday night. In the town of Laximpur near Temuhoni area, the RAB men shot dead the district vice president of Jamaat Islami named Dr Fayez Ahmed, in his own house. According to his family, a group of people dressed as RAB soldiers killed him after arresting him. This happened on Friday night. Dr Fayez’s wife Mrs Marzia Fayez has said that at about 12 midnight a group of RAB soldiers smashed the gate of the building and entered the house. They searched all the rooms. “At one point they arrested my husband and started beating him, dragged him to the roof, where they shot him and then threw him from the rooftop down to the ground.”
The district secretary of Jamat Islami in a statement has demanded for a judicial enquiry about the circumstance of the violent murder. The party has called for a district wide strike to protest the killing. The medical officer at the city hospital has said that at about 1:40 am in the night some unidentified people left a dead body at the hospital morgue. The body showed signs of serious injuries in the head and in the legs. The body had been kept at the morgue for post mortem. After that, a funeral prayer was held at the local mosque and he was buried nearby.

Well-wishers have recalled Dr Fayez as a noble individual both professionally and Islamically. He was 58 years old. A successful medical doctor and a widely respected figure in the district, he was proprietor of a successful and popular clinic and many other businesses. He was involved with numerous professional activities and social welfare charities and was widely popular for his friendliness, hospitality, jovial manner and kindness. His wife is a senior leader of Jamat Islami and one of the founding members of the party’s female student wing, Chattri Sangstha, while his children have been raised respectably and well-educated.

Allegations have arisen that the group of RAB officials were accompanied by professional murderers and local criminals.


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