Kamruzzaman steadfastly walked towards the gallows reciting the Holy Quran


Even on his execution stand, Muhammad Kamruzzaman, the senior public secretary of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, the largest Islamic group in the country, was composed and fearless. The pace at which he advanced toward the stand was normal. According to a source from the holding cell, the only thing he said at this time was, “I am innocent. I’m being executed illegitimately”.

At 10.30 pm on Saturday, this leading Jamaat-e-Islami leader was executed for alleged war crimes committed during the liberation war of ‘71.

The night before, he showered and prayed Isha and nafl prayers. He was seen reading from the Holy Quran upon his prayer mat up until the last moment. At this time, preparations for his execution were being taken at a place very near to his holding cell. On this very same stand, another leading Jamaat-e-Islami leader Abdul Quader Molla had been executed.

At 9.15 pm, a doctor examined him in presence of the civil surgeon. At 9.35 pm, a team of 12 people took position outside of his cell. Next was the recitation of the tawba (confession of sins and asking for atonement).

Kamruzzaman said, “I will perform tawba myself”. But the jail superintendent said, “It must be done by an Imam in accordance with the regulations”.

After recitation of the tawba, he was directed toward the execution stand at 10.20 pm.

He then said, “I am innocent. I’m being executed illegitimately”. After that he continued reading verses from the Quran and duas and started walking toward the stand at an easy pace.

After he was taken to the stand, the jail superintendent dropped his handkerchief at precisely 10.30 pm. It was then that the execution took place.

Source: Naya Diganta