Kamaruzzaman’s wife and family show victory sign following visit


Dhaka: The wife of Muhammad Kamruzzaman – the Senior Assistant General Secretary of Jamaat who was charged with a death sentence for crimes against humanity – showed a ‘V’ sign after leaving the prison where her husband is held. Previously, this symbol was also shown by Abdul Qader Mollah’s wife, Mrs Sanowara Jahan, after she visited her husband who was given a death sentence verdict. 

Mrs Nurunnahar showed ‘victory sign’ after meeting her husband at the Dhaka Central Jail at 8pm, Monday. She was accompanied by 12 members of her family including her eldest son Hasan Iqbal and his wife Sonia, middle son Hasan Imam, her daughter Atia Nur (grade 2 student), niece Ruksana Jabin and her youngest brother. Most of them displayed the victory sign while walking out of the prison.

Kamruzzaman’s son told the reporters “The crime he (Kamruzzaman) was sentenced for is based on lies and is groundless. He did not commit any crime, he was falsely accused. That’s why he will not apologise. However, he will make his final decision on this after meeting his lawyers.”

He further said, “This could be our last meeting. On that basis, we have the right to embrace without any barriers between us. But, we were not given that opportunity. This grievance will remain forever.”

The International Crime Tribunal-2 gave the verdict of death sentence to Jamaat leader Kamruzzaman. The judgement of the tribunal remained even after he appealed to the High Court. The death sentence was upheld in the review judgement (review petition). 

Jamaat-i-Islami’s Assistant Secretary General Abdul Qader Mollah was set to be executed on 10th of December, 2013 at 12:01am after being convicted by the ICT. However, the Chamber of Justice, Judge Sayeed Mahmud Hossein, postponed the execution until 10am the next day. He was subsequently executed on December 12 2013 at 22.01pm.

Both Mollah and Kamaruzzaman denied the charges levied against them in the controversial trials. The family of both and Jamaat have condemned the verdicts as politically motivated.

Source: Banglamail24 and Progress Bangladesh Report