Jubo League Leaders Threatened Executive Magistrate on Billboard Issue


When the executive magistrate of Chittagong city corporation went to have a risky billboard pulled down, he faced an untoward situation. City Jubo League leaders and activists came rushing at him. They engaged themselves into an argument with the magistrate and at one point the leaders pulled out their pistols and threatened to shoot him.

They should have been punished for obstructing the magistrate’s work, but they are leaders of the ruling party. Such obstructions are reportedly being carried out every day. If they are not punished today, the risky billboards will go up again tomorrow. A permanent solution to the problem is required. Those who pose as an obstruction, must be tried and punished.

The Jubo League leader’s reasoning is, if his billboard is risky, then why won’t the billboards on the other side of the road be taken down for the same reason too? The owner of those billboards is an even more powerful leader of Jubo League. The two leaders got into a fracas, one of them even threatening the other with a gun.

Billboards by the roadside can be dangerous to the passerby and so have been defined as risky. Now if the smaller Jubo League’s billboard is taken down and the bigger leader’s one remains up, the city corporation itself would be questioned. The billboards were not taken down, though the magistrate said all risky billboards would be brought down. Indeed, this must be done in public interest. But if the ruling party doesn’t control its leaders and activists, this will be a difficult task.

The problem is, the billboard business in Chittagong is more or less all in Jubo League’s control. They use their party power to do as they will. They do not bother about the law. The party leadership can’t just sit back. Those who obstruct the magistrate’s work, brandish guns recklessly, must be expelled from the party and punished. The people of Chittagong await to see what the government and its party does.