Jubo League Leader Arrested in Possession of Handgun in Laxmipur


Police arrested a ruling party Jubo League leader Wasim (32) in possession of a handgun from Ramganj thana, Laxmipur district.

Police and local people said Wasim and his gang on a motorcycle hit a bicycle in Joypura College road. They started to threated the cycle passenger, but the local people protested against them.

They left the scene after local people protested against them. But then they returned to Joypura village with his gang and the weapon. They began to threaten locals and started to beat an elderly person name Mahsin chowdhury. Villagers then gathered and chased them. They fired at the villagers. Later, when the villagers were able to catch Wasim, his group fled away. The villagers took him to the police station.

Ramganj police Superintendent Shamsul Haq said he is preparing to charge Wasim with possession of Arms.

Source: Manabzamin