Joint Forces Raid Jatrabari Millat Madrassa


Progress Bangladesh Report

Joint security forces raided the Jatrabari-Mir Hajirbag area and Tamirul Millat Madrassa vicinity on the 26th December 2013 between 1.30 am to 4 am. Witnesses state that there were about 450 members of the joint force carrying out a rigorous search and destroying properties along the way. Witnesses stated some officers were seen putting valuables in their own pockets and preventing all from protesting.

A witness reported on conditions of anonymity: “I spied through a window operations going on in Mir Hajirbag. I heard screams of religious teachers of Millat madrassa. There were a lot of govt forces – almost 500. I’ve heard four shots were fired in the air and seen one person was shot point blank. Never have I seen such a tragic scene till now.’

During the search, the joint force broke down locked doors of the Madrassa, some having as many as 4 locks, and searched the areas including store rooms. Most of the Madrassa students are now on holidays because of Winter break. Meanwhile, the joint force arrested however many remaining residential Madrassa students they could round up, some claiming the number to be about 50. The son of a local Jamaat leader has also been arrested and is allegedly being tortured.


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