Joint Forces Raid Homes of BNP-Jamaat Supporters in Jessore: Vandalism, Looting and Arson


Attack on properties and residences of BNP- Jamaat leaders in different villages of Bangladesh’s Jessore district has been continuing for days. The victims have alleged that these attacks have been carried out by organized terrorists wearing police uniform. They have vandalized houses, burnt and destroyed properties of the opposition leaders. Local people from different Upazilas of Jessore district such as Jhikorgacha and Sadar have been passing days in total insecurity.

On last Sunday night, the miscreants attacked houses of two former MPs Mokbul Hussain and Principal Muhaddis Abu Said of Jhikorgachha and Sadar areas of Jessore district. Chief of Jessore district Jamaat Mokbul Hussain informed that a gang of 50/60 miscreants attacked his country residence at Purandupur village of Jhikorgachha area. His house has been vandalized and other properties have been raged to the ground.

The former MP also told that miscreants have attacked the residences of his two sons Mahmud Hasan and Moudud Hasan at the nearby Noapara village as well. There the miscreants carried out similar kind of vandalism and destruction. Ashraful Islam, a member of Jhikorgachha Union Council reported similar attack at his place in Noapara village. Miscreants have burnt residences and properties of Abu Musa Mintu and Ayub Hosen the local leaders of Jubadal, a youth organization affiliated to BNP, one of the main opposition parties. Similar type of arson and vandalism has destroyed everything at the place of Arafat Hosen Kallol, the vice president of local Chhatra Dal, the student wing of BNP.

General Secretary of local BNP Mortoza Elahi and his family have faced similar attack but in this case in the name of police search. Miscreants vandalized and looted the office of Shahid Nazmul Islam Foundation, a local NGO of Jhikorgachha area. The victim families alleged that miscreants have looted their valuable properties such as monetary deposits and ornaments.

On last Saturday a gang of miscreants wearing police uniform attacked the houses of BNP leaders and workers of Boro Meghla village of Jessore district. Besides looting valuable properties, they vandalized several houses. Johra Khatun, daughter in law of local BNP leader Moniruzzaman alleged that a gang of 50-60 miscreants attacked their residence. They destroyed a motorcycle and robbed 50 thousand taka and gold ornaments. Runa Laila, an inhabitant of the same village informed that the miscreants carried out similar type of attack at the places of Saheb Ali son of Iman Ali, Al Mamun and Yusuf Ali; all of them are BNP workers. She alleged that some miscreants were on police uniform and they did it to spread fear among local villagers against the police. The miscreants robbed BDT 1 lac cash earned from selling crops. On the other hand they looted gold jewelries and other properties from the houses of Shaheb Ali and his brother Al Mamun. They destroyed TV, VCD, laptop, refrigerator, chairs, dining table and burnt mattresses and blankets. They threatened to burn Runa Laila’s son, Jubayer who reads in class four and daughter, Antu who reads in class 9 alive with petrol. They attacked BNP worker Abdul Majid’s house in the village as well.

OC Enamul Haque from local police station, OC Mamunur Rashid from Jhikargacha police station and assistant police super Milu Mia Biswas could not inform anything in this regard. No male villager could be found in that place of occurrence. Everyone of them has escaped in fear of police.

Source: Sheersha News